I sell indoor plant pots designed for moss because I would like to help spread the word about this little wonder of nature. Moss is a plant that is quite often overlooked or seen as an unwanted pest. But this simple little plant has an enormous amount of value.

Moss can be traced back to more than 350million years ago and has evolved into around 12,000 different species. It has an amazing ability to reclaim the built environment. It does this by producing tiny spores that are carried on the wind. If the spore lands in a suitable place (like a damp crack in a hard surface) it will grow into a new plant. Over time as moss grows, spreads and dies it helps to build up a new layer of soil which allows other plants and trees to grow. As well as this just half a square meter of moss can absorb up to one kilogram of carbon!

Moss has been used around the world since ancient times for bedding, diapers/nappies, insulating homes and clothing, dressing wounds, putting out fires and to make bread during times of famine. More recently studies have been conducted on moss to explore potential uses in cosmetic products due to some species having antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

So, if you're feeling inspired grab a pot, add some moss from your garden and just add water to help this miniature marvel thrive.


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